Sony HT-AX7 Cinematic surround sound speaker


  • 360 SPATIAL SOUND MAPPING TECHNOLOGY ENVELOPS YOU IN SOUND: Even stereo sound is transformed into immersive spatial sound using our advanced up-mixing algorithm – no matter what you’re watching
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE: Take your cinematic sound anywhere to enjoy 360 spatial sound wherever you are, straight from your tablet, phone, laptop or projector
  • STAMINA BATTERY FOR ALL DAY USE: With 30 hours of battery power, enjoy immersive content without having to worry about charging. Quick charge feature: 10 mins charge = 2.5 hours playback
  • SLEEK DESIGN THAT BLENDS WITH ANY ROOM: Lightweight, with one-handed portability, place this Sony Bluetooth home speaker is designed to suit any interior
  • EASY SET-UP AND CONTROL: The Sony | Home Entertainment Connect app provides guidance and allows you to control the device from your smartphone, whilst Bluetooth makes it easy to connect and play
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Portable Theatre System

Cinematic Sound. Anywhere.

Immersive Spatial Sound

The HT-AX7 uses 360 Spatial Sound Mapping and a unique up-mixer to generate multiple phantom speakers all around you, which makes you feel completely immersed when watching movies and TV shows, or even listening to music.


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Perfectly Portable

Small, lightweight and battery powered to enjoy cinematic sound on the move. Easily move the HT-AX7 between rooms or take it to a friend’s house to share the experience together.



Which devices can I connect to the HT-AX7?

Connect any Bluetooth device, including your smartphone, tablet and laptop. You can switch seamlessly between two devices with the Multipoint Connection feature.

What is the battery life of the HT-AX7?

The HT-AX7 has a 30-hour battery life. The quick charge feature means you can enjoy 2.5 hours of playback after just 10 minutes of charging. A 15W AC Adaptor is required for charging or a 45W for quick charging (not included).

What content can I watch when using the HT-AX7?

The HT-AX7 is great for content on streaming services, as it takes standard stereo content and upmixes it for immersive 360 Spatial Sound.

Can I change the volume of the rear speakers?

Using the Sony Home Entertainment Connect App, you can easily change the volume and EQ settings of the rear speakers and main unit right from your phone.

Where can I use the HT-AX7?

Thanks to the compact size and cordless design, the HT-AX7 can be used in any room of the house and even beyond. Easy transportation features mean you can take immersive sound with you wherever you go.

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